Acai Fire made it so easy for me to lean up my muscle and really get that definition I always wanted. Nothing else comes close!”
Jason R. - San Francisco, CA

Acai X12 I feel better than I have in years. My friends have noticed. I’m a much better member of the team than I used to be. I’m a winner! Thanks!”
John B. - New York.

“Unbelievable! I shed 21 pounds! ”

"I noticed results within the first few days of cleansing. I was sleeping better, able to wake up on time and feeling rested. I had more energy and wanted to spend more time with my kids doing fun things with them. Maximum Weightloss with Acai has changed my life!" Patsy K.

"Maximum Weightloss with Acai flushed away 25 poundsPure"I've never looked or felt better! As soon as I started taking Maximum Weightloss with Acai I noticed a difference and I kept dropping the pounds. I feel healthier and I have more energy now!"
Christina D.



Acai Berry Select Cut for Men

When you order your first shipment of Acai Berry Select
Cut, you’ll be automatically signed up to get Free lifetime membership access to our
results-based online fitness program. This information is exclusively for Acai Berry
Select Cut members, and is not available to the general public.

Combined with a sensible food program, exercise routine,
and drinking plenty of water, the ingredients in Acai Berry Select Cut will help you to
regain your slim body easier and faster.As soon as you receive your first order, be
sure to check out our Health Resource Center on line. The suggestions given there will
help ensure your success. You’ll find customized exercise programs, diet plans, fitness
tracking systems, and much more.

Your Acai Berry Select Cut Program gives
you a fast and effective weight management system. Place your order now to start
re-discovering the real you.

 Acai Berry Select

Acai berry select will
helps you “lose weight and flush the
Based on the list of ingredients I have to agree with
their website. Acai berry select can help you lose weight when used as
part of a diet and exercise routine. Acai Berry Select is an Acai supplement designed
with weight loss in mind. Because of this there are many other weight loss enhancing
ingredients which has been included with the 50 mg of Acai Berry extract in each
capsule. INGREDIENTS: Green Tea (225 mg): Similar to caffeine, Green
Tea has been proven through research to increase our metabolic rate. It burns fat, and
also contains a ton of antioxidants as well. Caffeine (200 mg):
Caffeine is a proven weight loss ingredient, it stimulates our metabolic rate and there
is a ton of research available to prove this. Chromium (75 mcg):
Chromium is an essential mineral for normal metabolism of blood sugar. It helps
regulate the sugar level in the blood stream. There is minimal research into the direct
weight loss benefits of Chromium, how ever there has been no negative results.
Acai Berry Extract (50 mg): Provides the vital antioxidants to fight
free radicals and promote healthy body fucntion and over all health. L-theanine
(8 mg):
While this ingredient doesn’t directly effect
weight loss it’s been shown to reduce our stress levels. L-theanine
in Acai berry select works to reduce the effects of the stimulants (caffeine and Greent

Acai Berry Active

Acai Berry Actives weight loss formula is on of the
best that we have come across in awhile flush the poundsand lose weight. The Acai Berry
Active program will help you lose weight while increasing your metabolism it also will
help to increase your fat oxidation. Acai Berry Active will help fight fatigue and
increase your daily energy levels while providing powerful antioxidant support. This
product is highly recommended by those who have tried it and had great success we have
had nothing but good comments regarding Acai Berry Active.

Included in your

You’ll become part of our free weight management club.
Combined with our sensible food program and exercise routine, the ingredients in Acai
Berry Actives will help you to regain your slim body easier and faster.Plus you will
also these two free gifts:


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